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St Patrick's Day is worth doing right!

Now that we've put Valentine's day in the rearview mirror, we can focus on the most important holiday of the year - no, not my birthday (but thanks for thinking of me). I'm talking about St Patrick's Day! By that, I definitely don't mean the green beer, lucky charms top hat, week long hangover kind of St Patrick's Day. No, I'm talking about the real celebration of Irish culture that will be taking place on March 17, 2023 at the Good Foundation Theatre in downtown London when Maggie's Wake take the stage.

I started playing celtic music when I was 3 years old. I would steal my big brother's tin whistle and go hide in the bathroom, the perfect acoustics making my scales sound majestic. Once I had a few lessons under my belt, I fell completely in love with the music and I was lucky enough to spend every St Patrick's Day with my music teacher, Paddy Fagan. He would take me (and the other kids in the group) from the church to the retirement homes to the pubs, playing traditional irish tunes and folk songs all day long, for anyone who wanted to listen. Those will forever be some of my favourite musical memories, the beautiful tunes, the moving lyrics, celebrating our culture and bringing that unmistakable magic that only comes from celtic music.

This year I'm thrilled that I get to do that again, and I really hope you'll join us for the Maggie's Wake St Patrick's Day celebration. We have a truly wonderful show planned for you and the theatre is a real gem. The bar service will open at 7pm, the show starts at 8pm and there are limited tickets available on line, so make sure to book early! For more ticket and venue info, click here and make sure to share with your friends!


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