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Authentic. Original. Inspired.

Maggie's Wake is a Canadian roots band that combines traditional Celtic instrumentation with a contemporary approach.  This exciting collaboration between Rant Maggie Rant co-founder Lindsay Schindler (fiddle, vocals) and Tara Dunphy (tin whistle, flute, fiddle, vocals), lead singer and songwriter of acclaimed country outfit, The Rizdales, is quite simply, a match made in heaven. 

United in their passion for fiery tunes, soaring vocals with rich harmonies, meaningful stories and beautiful melodies, Lindsay and Tara embrace their wide ranging influences and have built an exciting, new sound. From traditional celtic to cajun, early jazz to latin rhythms, Maggie's Wake is making musical discoveries at every turn, constantly building on the foundation of the music that  inspires them.



// vocals, fiddle, whistles,

flute, guitar


Tara Dunphy is an award winning singer,                                             songwriter and multi instrumentalist from                                        London, Ontario, Canada.

Tara is a 6 time recipient of the Forest City London Music Award, she is also a 3 time Ameripolitan Award nominee, 2 time Academy of Western Artist Award nominee and winner of multiple national championships for traditional Irish music. Most recently, Tara won the grand prize at the Aeolian Hall Songwriting competition in 2022 for her song "East of Adelaide".

In 2003 Tara founded the acclaimed classic country band The Rizdales with her husband, Tom, and she has gone on to release 7 albums with the group while continuing to be a sought after session musician.  Tara also performs with Canadian guitarist Larry Smith as the jazz duo Dunphy Smith. She has proudly performed alongside many artists, most notably Wanda Jackson, Dale Watson, Johnny Bush, Sylvia Tyson and Luther Wright and the Wrongs.  


// fiddle, vocals

Lindsay Schindler is an award winning

violinist, composer, singer and author.

After cofounding the Celtic Fusion band

"Rant Maggie Rant", Lindsay spearheaded

their collaboration with symphony orchestras, world music ensembles and choirs, which garnered the band numerous awards and nominations worldwide.  They quickly became folk festival favourites and performed their exciting brand of celtic music from coast to coast, releasing three albums in the process. While still performing with RMR, Lindsay joined forces with Canadian folk sweethearts Emm Gryner and Dayna Manning in "Trent Severn", releasing the critically acclaimed album "Portage" in 2017 and touring extensively across North America.


As the founder and director of Far and Wide Music, Lindsay has combined her impressive musical skills with an innovative attitude towards music education. In 2022 she released a groundbreaking fiddle method book and accompanying recording, "Far & Wide Fiddle  - From The Ground Up", which embraces this new approach and is now used as a learning tool and teaching resource in several provinces.  


// bass

Andrew Kosty is a classically trained bassist residing in London, Ontario.  He began his studies in Windsor, Ontario at age 9 before crossing the border to Detroit, becoming the first player to hold a position in both the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra and the Civic Jazz Ensemble.  His passion for learning brought him to the University of Western Ontario, where under the tutelage of professor Joseph Phillips, he honed his craft and further diversified his sound. From hip hop to bebop, Broadway to Bach, Andrew has been influenced by countless genres and manages to incorporate elements of each in his playing with Maggie's Wake, contributing to their exciting and fresh sound.


// guitar

Originally from Windsor, Ken moved to London to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree from The University of Western Ontario.  While majoring in classical guitar performance, he refined his playing ability and grew his knowledge of music theory which allows him to glide easily between the celtic, jazz and world music sensibilities of Maggie's Wake. 


In addition to being an accomplished guitarist, Ken is a graduate of Fanshawe college's renowned Music Industry Arts course, and is now a sought after audio engineer.


// drums

Stephan Szczesniak is a professional drummer originally from Toronto, Ontario, now residing in Stratford, Ontario. His vast resume shows the versatility of his playing, most recently keeping it steady for folk icons Emm Gryner and Dayna Manning, indie alt rocker Jeen, Americana standout Julian Taylor and his upcoming theatre stint playing at the revered Stratford Festival. 

With his creative approach and fine playing, Stephan brings a seemingly effortless magic to the music. Whether it's with firm strength or a gentle touch, he guides the song where it needs to be.




// piano, accordian



// guitar, banjo



// drums, percussion

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