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Ireland = Love for the Fiddle

My introduction to Ireland was at the awkward age of 12. Travelling with a few others to represent Canada at a Suzuki conference held at the Trinity College in Dublin, I was both excited and terrified. It was the first flight that I could remember taking, and first trip that went beyond the shores of our Great Lakes.

Ironically, our role was to perform Canadian Fiddle Tunes during the opening cermeny for the conference. Each country contributed something unique and this was ours. If memory serves me right, we performed Devils Dream, Masons Apron, Big John MacNeil and St. Annes Reel for thousands in attendance. Looking back, it's hilarious really that we flew across the ocean to bring fiddle music to a country that was so rich in it. Really though, we were sharing it with a large group who happened to be meeting in Ireland who followed a strict methodology that does not include this style of playing.

As a Suzuki student, while I appreciated the music I was learning, my passion was in fiddle music. Luckily my teacher and family supported (at the time classical players were classical and fiddlers were fiddlers and rarely did they intertwine). I picked up some tunes on my own, my teacher helped with some, we went to the odd fiddle & step dance competition, and local sessions. However, I'm pretty sure it was that trip to Ireland that really solidified my love for the music. During our off time, we took a train up the coast. Jumped off at a few different stops along the water, took in the sights, and the music of the communities. We spent some evenings in the pubs of Dublin, listening and sometimes joining in with the sessions. How can you not fall absolutely in love with music that brings complete JOY to everyone around?

We celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a great appreciation for Ireland and we hope to fill your hearts with joy from our music as well! Join us, grab your TICKETS for a small but mighty performance at the Good Foundation Theatre Downtown London on the big day itself.



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